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DataGate / Almos Leak

Online leakage monitoring of the wiring

DataGate / Almos Leak is a software program developed to process data from loggers installed on underground water lines. The program receives data, cross-references it with algorithms based on over 20 years of data collection and gives the user an easily accessible overview on a platform according to the user's wishes.

This method of leakage monitoring gives the user a precise, fast and practical overview of the immediate situation on the wiring.
Daily changes in the conditions of the individual water mains are automatically recorded, and in case of important changes, DataGate / Almos Leak notifies the user via e-mail or SMS. The changes can also be viewed on the program's server, which is accessible via the Internet regardless of platform. This means that you are always up to date with the status of the wiring network in your supply – regardless of where you are.

DataGate / Almos Leak is developed by Leif Koch A/S in collaboration with HOFOR.

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