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Changchun, China

Mega-city Changchun

In 2015, Leif Koch A / S was part of the collaboration between Hjørring Vandselskab, Krüger-Veolia, Envidan Water, Grundfos, AVK China and Kamstrup China. The aim of the project was to find a solution for how Changchun could reduce the water loss on their drinking water supply network as well as stabilize the water supply in the city. 

Security of supply

There were 8 million consumers in the city and before the start of the project the leakage loss was around 30 %. They wanted to gain control of the pipe network and greatly reduce their water loss as part of ensuring a stable water supply. Part of the solution to this was proactive leak detection and thus the location of leaks on underground drinking water pipes. Proactive leak detection and leak management helped ensure more sustainable and cost-effective management of the water resource in the area for the future.

The next steps in the planning of the effort in Changchun are under development.

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