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Business model


The three-legged stool
- our business model

We live by creating results and are only satisfied when the water loss of the supplies is reduced. In order for things to play out and go up in higher unity, solid cooperation between the customer, the employee, and the company is necessary.

We have chosen to use a metaphor to visualize our business model. Namely, as a three-legged stool that rests on three indispensable factors:

  1. The customer: At Leif Koch A / S, we believe that the work depends on the customer, understood in the sense that our function as a company rests on the customer's need for our services. It is clear that the customer's incentive to continue using our services depends on his experience with the service. Therefore, we take a few extra steps to ensure you the best results and the best service.
  2. Skilled hands: To achieve our goal of reducing water loss around the world, skilled hands are needed to handle the work. We believe that skilled hands work best when they are satisfied with their terms and proud of the work they perform. Therefore, we make sure to maintain a regular, personal contact between the house administration and its employees. In this way, we ensure the best conditions for our employees, which ensures that the work we perform is of as high a quality as possible.
  3. The company: We have a purpose called to reduce water loss around the world. But at the center of our environmental awareness, we 100% are aware of what it means to be an SME (small or medium-sized enterprise) in the business world. In order to meet our goal, we first need to offer services that are attractive to our customers, as well as have crews with skilled hands that can perform the work. In this way, we ensure that the company can continue to be a station for the development and streamlining of methods and solutions for unnecessary water loss - for the benefit of the customer, the employee and the environment.

To achieve our goal of securing water resources through sustainable, innovative solutions, it is alpha and omega that all parties involved are satisfied with the work we perform. We therefore always make sure to keep the stool's three supporting legs in mind every time we enter into business, and in this way help to ensure lasting connections and sensible trade.

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