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Basic course in pipe and leak detection

Basic course in March. Out of stock

Next available course on: 15 and 16 May 2024

Few seats left

About the course

2-day course with accommodation. The course takes place at our test center in Taastrup. The course alternates between theory and practice, and we review, among other things:


  • Methods for rough location of leaks
  • Instruments and connectivity options
  • Leakage noise loggers
  • Instruments for locating trace gas
  • Correlator for fine localization of leaks


  • Wire search on plastic - cast iron - steel
  • Fine localization of leaks with correlator and tracer gas
  • Leakage noise loggers

As part of the course takes place outdoors, it is a good idea to bring clothes and shoes that suit the weather.

Course material, accommodation and meals are included in the price.

On the first evening of the course, there is an opportunity to get to know us and the other students better, as we are planning a social event. It is of course voluntary, but we encourage participation, as it is usually a great success.

Dates and prices 2024:

  • 20 and 21 March

  •  15 and 16 May

  • 4 and 5 September

  • 25 and 26 September
The price includes accommodation and meals for 11,900 ex. VAT.

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