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We protect the environment by securing the water resource

At Leif Koch A / S, we are environmentally conscious, that is the core of our work. Leak detection is a task that is about reducing resource waste as much as possible, both to protect the wallet, but also the environment with a focus on sustainability. Together, we strive to reduce water waste as much as possible, for the benefit of the customer and nature.


In 2015 published UN the new sustainability goals and we work specifically to ensure that goal 6 - "Ensuring accessibility and sustainability management of water and sanitation for all", is met. We do this by effectively securing the wiring network through continuous proactive leak detection.

State of Green brings together all leading players in energy, climate, water and the environment and promotes connections at an international level, with the aim of sharing Danish experiences. State of Green is your gateway to learn more about the ambitious Danish plan to become free from burning fossil fuels by 2050, and the innovative solutions that are crucial to make it happen. Read more on our profile at State of Green.


It is confirmed that the company's responsibility for the collection and treatment of end-of-life electrical and electronic products and / or batteries is handled by Elretur in accordance with applicable Danish law. Certificate can be seen below.


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