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News from Leif Koch A/S

We are proud to present our two newest products: Smart Trak 101 and Smart Trak 102

These innovative spindle finders are specially designed to efficiently search for spindles/stopcocks, covers, stakes and fixed points etc.

Both viewfinders are a further development of the popular models MT-100 and MT-102

With the Smart Trak 102, you get the added benefit of our new ERASE function, which makes it possible to search at full strength near large metal objects without being disturbed. There is also a built-in warning for high current cables.

Contact us on 7023 9898 today to learn more about how our products can help you search spindles quickly and efficiently.

We have got a new van which is full of professional equipment

After some waiting, Martin Lundgren's new VW finally arrived. Martin is ready to be a professional part of our team.

His new car is loaded with modern equipment to handle any task efficiently.

Planned generational change

We are pleased to announce that Leif Koch A/S has completed a planned generational change. Peter Hauge Jensen is now the company's new owner and managing director.


Leif Koch A/S is recognized as a leading player in its field, where we have always strived to deliver top-quality solutions to our customers. We are known for our commitment, our awareness of quality and our ability to create value for our customers.


Peter Hauge Jensen, our new manager, is looking forward to this new chapter. "It is a great honor to take over such a competent company as Leif Koch A/S," he says. "I am very much looking forward to meeting our customers and continuing the commitment to service and quality that has been the company's trademark."


Jørgen Koch, our former CEO, will continue in the company with responsibility for global sales. He has great faith in Peter as the new leader. "Peter is a skilled and natural heir. I have full confidence that he will continue and expand our strong position in the market. I look forward to continuing our collaboration," says Jørgen Koch.


This is an exciting time for Leif Koch A/S. We thank Jørgen for his tireless work and look forward to Peter's leadership, which will take us into the future.

We can now offer to locate leaks using fiber cable that runs inside the water pipes.

The revolutionary new system can monitor your wiring network 24/7, so you can get a very early warning before a leak develops critically.

The system is designed to help utility and industrial companies save money and lead their businesses into an even more sustainable future.

Unlike existing monitoring systems, the new technology can be used to automatically pinpoint the exact location of leaks and intrusions around the clock, enabling timely intervention and smarter asset management.

The fiber cables are installed under pressure so that consumers are not disturbed, as the cable is pulled through the line using a small parachute. When the fiber cable is installed, you decide how often you want a report on possible leaks.

We would like to tell you more about the options for leak monitoring with fiber cable. Contact Per Sørensen on tel. 54 33 24 47 or send an email to pso@leifkoch.dk.

Contact us for more information

Trade fair in Roskilde

Come and meet our experts at Danske Vandværker's trade fair in Roskilde.

We are ready with Per and Martin who look forward to meeting you and telling you about all our news.

We were at stand # 27.
Time: Friday 27 Jan.
Address: Roskilde Congress & Sports Center


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