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About Leif Koch A / S

The company Leif Koch A / S

Leif Koch A/S is a leader in Denmark in reducing water loss in the supply network. We are specialists in locating leaks on grounded drinking water pipes. Through effective efforts and quick localization of breaks in drinking water pipes, we reduce water loss in your distribution network. Our expertise is based on almost 50 years of experience, from many places in the world.



The five wings of the house

  • The administration
  • Team Leakage
  • Sales department
  • Workshop
  • IT & Technology


The administration in Leif Koch A / S consists of Jørgen Würtzner Koch, Kroeze Andersen, Per Sørensen, * and *. They spend most of their working hours in the house, where they handle administrative tasks and evaluate the state of the company, as well as which direction it is advantageous to move. On the sales side, it is Jørgen Würtzner Koch who works in the field advising our customers. In addition, our office managers take care of the daily operations and contact with our partners.



Team Leakage consists of our dedicated leak operators Jan Jørgensen, Gurdip Dhillon, Storm Pedersen and Martin Lundgren. They are the ones you meet out in the field, where they perform proactive leak detection National and international. You can also meet them as instructors on our courses and at fairs and conferences across the country, where they share their extensive practical experience in leak detection. Our leak operators are among the few in the world who carry out leak detection full-time, and thereby possess an expertise that benefits our customers.



IN Sales department you will find Chief Consultant Jørgen Würtzner Koch, Senior Consultant Westy Rasmussen and project manager Chloe Pei Chen. They are the ones you meet out in the supply when they come to visit and have a chat about the industry's new solution options. At conferences around the country and all year round, they can also be found, often with a crowd of curious visitors around them.



On The workshop we service you regarding. software, repairs as well as customer service and guidance. Here it is Søren Hedin who is in charge of operations.

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