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Rajkot, India

Water in the taps a few hours a day in Rajkot

In 2013, Leif Koch A / S participated in a pilot project in Rajkot, India in collaboration with DHI and Grundfos. The aim was to improve and stabilize the water supply to consumers in the area. In Rajkot, drinking water is a scarce resource and it requires an effective and targeted effort to improve water distribution. Consumers in the area only had tap water available for a few hours a day, due to water shortages and poor water management.


Leif Koch A / S was responsible for performing proactive leak detection on the pipe network.

This work included inspection of house installations such as water meters, valves, automatic closing mechanisms on the pipe network, water tanks at the houses and water meters in the pipes. In addition to the practical inspection work, Leif Koch A / S 'experienced leakage operators were responsible for teaching and training employees at the local waterworks, who will continue the work after the project is completed.

The conclusion at the end of the project was that, the total water consumption in the area could be greatly reduced solely as a result of the execution of an effective effort of proactive leak detection, and subsequent repair of leaks on the pipeline network. During the practical inspection, the leak operator found 7 hidden leaks.

The result of the overall work in Rajkot showed a successful large reduction of water loss on the landing net, NRW.


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