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"Listen to the water pipes: It pays off"

Permanent listening equipment on water pipes saves Fors A / S customers from breakdowns on the water, at the same time the company gets cheaper maintenance. The result is palpable: “The areas where there used to be several quarries a year no longer exist; the bad water pipes have been identified and renovated, and it is all because we have better monitoring, ”says Steen Hansen, operations manager for the water supply at Fors A / S. At the same time, the monitoring has meant that the water spill has come below the magic limit of 10 % in the areas where monitoring has been installed. The limit is magical because water companies have to pay extra tax if the water waste is above the limit.

Faster response to unavoidable breaks

We cannot avoid the occasional break in water mains - even new ones wires can get leaks. Therefore, monitoring and identifying problem areas means everything. The goal is prevention rather than repair. Fors A/S has done this with measuring equipment on selected lines throughout Roskilde midtown, Svogerslev and on the Hornsherred line. It allows you to monitor the wires at all times. In practical terms, it happens with the system ALMOS Leak, developed by Leif Koch A/S. A breach triggers a message, and the renovation technicians even know in which area the leak is located. So they still have to find the concrete break in the line, but compared to before, the work has been optimized. This means that leaks are repaired faster and cheaper and importantly, with less inconvenience to customers.

“ALMOS Leak gives us the opportunity to prioritize our renovation work better. When we know that a leak has occurred, which has not yet reached the surface, then we also have the opportunity to make the repairs outside the peak load, ie. when typically not so much water is used ”

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