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Service workshop

Professional and personal assistance
At the service workshop, our IT and technology managers are ready to help. Here you get advice and guidance for using instruments, installing loggers and handling relevant software programs.

We offer remote configuration of products such as Patroller II, installation of programs such as Radwin View and general assistance in connection with leak detection via the online tool Team Viewer.

Team Viewer is a simple and fast way to exercise and receive technical assistance on your PC or mac. In short, teamviewer allows you to temporarily share the control of your computer with the person providing the assistance. It can be made from where it needs to be, and is quite free. During the assistance, you have a clear view of what is going on, and can even bid with comments through the control sharing.

As the only ones in Denmark, we offer repair of leak detection instruments. It takes place at our state-authorized workshop, where our experienced technician uses his expertise to make sure that everything is as it should be, that the nut is seated as it should be, and that the lamps only light red when it is meant to.

Contact the Service Workshop:
Email: service@leifkoch.dk

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