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Tailor-made courses

Do you want to immerse yourself in a specific leak detection technique, or do you want to improve your existing skills?
Then a specially designed course might be for you.
The course is structured according to your needs and wishes.

We offer tailor-made courses in:

  • Proactive leak detection
  • Wire search
  • Almos Leak - online leakage monitoring
  • Data loggers - leakage noise, flow and pressure
  • Personal protection

The course is organized according to ability and need, and can be completed on our test track or with you.

Teaching and training are balanced between theoretical knowledge and application in practice.
Ideally, the student's own instruments are used, but we are happy to arrange training in other instruments that are included in our range.

Since some of the course can take place outdoors, it is a good idea to bring clothes and shoes that suit the weather.
In connection with the course we can arrange an informal social event.

Accommodation can be arranged.

Contact us by phone 70 23 98 98 or by email info@leifkoch.dk. Then together we will find the best solution for you.

You are always welcome to contact us by phone +45 7023 9898, or via the form below.

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