SmartBall, Denmark

Inspection of long drinking water pipes with SmartBall

Into Copenhagen there are four large mains which ensure a stable supply of drinking water to the capital. It is important that these long drinking water pipes do not fail. However, the condition of them is difficult to investigate, and you can not easily inspect them as you can with other types of pipes, which is imperative for HOFOR to be able to ensure a stable supply of clean drinking water for their 1.2 million. consumers. Intelligent planning and control of the pipeline network avoids time-consuming, costly and disruptive work in cities. This is where the SmartBall comes into the picture.


In the autumn of 2015, the first research project with SmartBall inspections was launched in Denmark.

It is especially suitable for inspection of long drinking water pipes, and locates leaks on all types of pipe materials, provides condition report on large leaks immediately after review, subsequent analysis locates smaller leaks, and estimation of abnormalities by magnetic field analysis - corrosion and bends (NOTE! - only on metal pipes ).


Planning and practical experiences

After initial inspection on long wires, our experience with HOFOR is as follows:

  • Preparation is alpha and omega

  • Know the wiring - and get to know it better

  • Good control of long mains

  • Locate leaks on sections that are difficult to inspect


Reducing water loss is an economic saving
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