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Level meter
SonicSens is a combined ultrasonic flow and level meter intended for open channels, sewers, tanks and basins where you want to monitor water levels or the like.

The device is battery-powered, and with its 5 years of battery life and the possibility of remote configuration via your PC, is particularly suitable for installation in hard-to-reach places. SonicSens supports both SMS and GPRS. With its built-in echo-loss alarm, intelligent self-diagnosis function, and with the ability to measure variable echo beam distances as well as automatic strength adjustment, SonicSens is ideal for level measurement.

SonicSens has a built-in extra channel which is configurable as needed. The channel is commonly used in connection with pressure, temperature and depth measurements, but can be set to log other types of data.

Combine with Multilog or Multilog LX for optimal functionality.

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