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Taipei, Taiwan

Complex urban structure in Taipei - 13 leaks located

In 2014, the pilot project in Taiwan was discontinued, and consisted of a collaboration between Leif Koch A / S, DHI, Ramböll and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Danish Trade Council. The water supply Tawian Water had a desire to reduce the water loss on the drinking water pipe network.

A test area was selected on Chijin Island, Taipei, where a qualified team of leakage operators and engineers worked. Leif Koch A / S was responsible for teaching and training local employees from Taiwan Water, in precisely locating leaks on the pipeline network using leakage and pipeline detection instruments.

In just one week, Leif Koch A / S 'leak operator located 13 leaks, together with the locals. This resulted in a large reduction in water loss on the pipeline network, by virtue of effective repair of the leaks.


The goal of the collaboration, Taiwan Water Strategic Sales Alliance (SSA) was to realize economic diplomacy through the project's partners in the Danish water industry, led by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Danish Trade Council, a Danish water supply, as well as expertise and know-how from the private sector.

The purpose was to create a breeding ground for a close dialogue and future cooperation with the Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) through participation in the "Taiwan Denmark Workshop for Environment and Water Resources". The workshop was tailored to showcase the Danish water industry's expertise, as well as to promote continuous systematic exports in three specific areas: non revenue water (NRW), mapping groundwater resources, and handling extreme weather events, especially cloudbursts in urban areas.

The pilot project was a success and the collaboration still exists.


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