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Test center for leak detection and cord detection

Unique and local

We have Denmark's only active test center for leak detection and line detection. The test center is located on our site in Taastrup, and is designed, developed, and constructed in collaboration with our professional leakage operators.

The test center serves several purposes

We ensure the quality of our courses in leak detection, so you always get the best opportunities to test the theories from the course room. In addition, we have the opportunity to facilitate teaching at all levels and for all needs, with leaks on various pipe and conduit materials; steel, cast iron and plastic.

The test center allows us to demonstrate and test instruments as well as further develop methods for leak detection and wire detection.

Construction of the Test Center

We have been offering leak detection courses since the company was founded in 1974. Previously, before the Test Center, we used real leaks for our courses. Over the years, the number of leaks in Danish pipeline networks has fallen radically, which made it difficult to find leaks that served the purpose of the courses.

The need for a Test Center, with an associated test track for leak detection, arose. When we moved the company's address and got a large outdoor area, we set up the Test Center.

It was completed in 2008, and we now have in the backyard the facilities for a complete leak operator training, as well as, of course, general testing of instruments. The benefits of being able to make leaks under controlled conditions are massive, and have increased the quality of our courses significantly.

For example, it has allowed us to go from theory to practice as needed, and even do from instrument to instrument. The positive experiences from course leaders as well as course participants are unmistakable.

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