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Water Technology Alliance, California

Danish solutions to American problems

California has the highest population in the United States, with well over 39 million. inhabitants. For the last four years, they have experienced the worst drought period in more than 100 years. The pressure is enormous as the water resources in the area dwindle. It requires stable and efficient solutions throughout the water distribution, to secure the water they have. Against this background, the Danish-American water alliance was created by the Water Technology Alliance (WTA), and the collaboration is bound by a two-year contract. The purpose of the alliance is to ensure water distribution in California with Danish solutions in water technology.

In connection with Water Day on March 22, 2016, the WTA was invited to the White House as the only non-US. The focus of the presentation is the LEGO model “Waterville”, which illustrates the overall solution that the Danish water industry can offer to create a sustainable and stable drinking water supply. The model tours around trade fairs at home and abroad.

WTA consists of

Grundfos, Danfoss, Aarhus Vand, HOFOR, Ramböll, Kamstrup, Applied Biomimetics, DHI, Smith Innovation, SkyTem and Leif Koch A / S.

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